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Hockey is a fast paced team sport placed on ice, requiring good levels of skill, speed, agility and endurance. Players skate on ice at high speeds, with an curved end stick, and attempt to shoot a three-inch wide puck into a 72-inch wide net. Not only that, while trying to do that, they are being pushed and shoved by defenders trying to stop them.

The pinnacle of Ice Hockey is the Stanley Cup competition. This has been awarded since 1894, originally called Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup. The original bowl was retired in 1969 because it was brittle. The trophy is a silver bowl atop a plinth, which has the names of all the past winners engraved. The plinth is extended as required.

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The pinnacle of world ice hockey is the Stanley Cup competition, followed closely by the Ice Hockey at the Winter Olympics and other major events. For players and coaches, read about fitness testing for hockey, including details of the NHL combine.

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