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Below are details of sports, sporting events and sports people related to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although athletes from this region have been involved in international sport previously, they did not compete under their own name until the break up of Yugoslavia in 1991, as was also Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia and Serbia-Montenegro.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a state located in the Balkan Peninsula and is bordered by Croatia and Serbia. As far as sports are concerned, their most popular sport is undeniably football. They have been playing football in the B&H since the early 18th century and its influence grew significantly post World War II. However, the Bosnia and Herzegovina national football team was not able to qualify for any football championship until the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

So, if football is basically their national sport, then why is it that they are not doing so well in it? some may ask. Well, it's because most of their best players Mario Stanić (who played for Croatia) and Mile Mitić (Serbia) are simply getting better salary offers in other countries. More examples of these includes Vladimir Radmanović, Zoran Savić, Savo Milošević, Aleksandar Nikolić and Zoran Planinić.

Basketball is also quite popular in the B&H and their national basketball club, the KK Bosna and the former Yugoslav national basketball team, have won European basketball championships since 1963 all the way to 1990. B&H basketball players that have made some waves internationally include Mirza Teletović who is playing for the Brooklyn Nets and the emerging talent Jusuf Nurkić of the Denver Nuggets.

B&H has participated in the Summer Olympic Games under their current flag for the first time in the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. As the present B&H, they have not yet received an Olympic medal but did contribute to the Yugoslavian Olympic delegation since 1956. They brought in a total of 5 gold, 6 silvers, and 4 bronze medals while they were under the Yugoslavian flag.

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