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Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Olympics

Since the dissolution of Yugoslavia in the late 80's, Bosnia and Herzegovina participated as a separate entity in the 1992 Barcelona Summer Games. From that point on, Bosnia and Herzegovina is yet to win a single Olympic medal.

The nation of Bosnia and Herzegovina was formed with the split up of Yugoslavia in 1991, as was also Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia-Montenegro. Athletes from Bosnia and Herzegovina first competed as an independent nation at the Olympic Games in 1992.

Although under a different flag, Bosnian athletes have been participating in the Olympics since 1920. They participated under the Yugoslavian flag and many have won Olympic medals. Boxer Anton Josipović took the gold in the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Yugoslavian men and women's teams that included many Bosnian players won many medals as well. Žarko Varajić was part of the 1976 Yugoslavian national basketball team that took the silver in Montreal, Canada. Mirza Delibašić, Dražen Dalipagić, and Ratko Radovanović were part of the 1980 men's basketball team that took the gold in Moscow, Russia. Even the women took the bronze on the same year. In 1984, the bronze medalist basketball team of Yugoslavia still included four Bosnian players. The 1988 men and women's basketball team who each won a silver medal in Seoul, South Korea still had multiple Bosnians.

Bosnian football players were also in the Yugoslavian team who won Olympic gold (1960), silver (1956) and bronze (1984). Even the Yugoslavian handball team that took the gold (1972 and 1984), silver (1984) and bronze (1988) had quite a handful of Bosnian athletes. So there is no shortage of talents in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the Winter Games Bosnia and Herzegovina started participating as an independent state in 1994, and are yet to produce an Olympic medalist.


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