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Below are details of sports, sporting events and sports people related to Slovenia. Although athletes from this region have been involved in international sport previously, they did not compete under their own name until the break up of Yugoslavia in 1991, as was also Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia-Montenegro.

Slovenia is in what is considered as the crossroads of European culture and trade mainly because of its location. Despite its mostly mountainous geography, Slovenia is considered as a center for many sports in the region because of the number of notable athletes that hails from this country.

There are a good number of sports that are played in Slovenia at the professional level. Pre-World War II, Slovenia was considered as a powerhouse when it came to fencing, and also gymnastics with world champions like Miroslav Cerar and Leon Štukelj.

Slovenia loves a good number of sports that includes athletics, basketball, boxing, handball, ice hockey, tennis, skiing, and swimming. But by far, the most popular sport is football.

The Slovenian national football team has qualified for the FIFA World Cup in 2002 as well as 2010. Their 2010 qualifying game also was quite notable because they came into the match as the underdog to the heavily favored Russian team. The Slovenian national team also qualified in the UEFA European Football Championship in 2000. Early football greats that came from this part of the world include names like Danilo Popivoda, Brane Oblak, Džoni Novak, Srečko Katanec, and Zlatko Zahovič. The more recent football superstar roster includes Robert Koren, Samir Handanović, Josip Iličić, Milivoje Novaković, Tim Matavž, Valter Birsa, and Jan Oblak.

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