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Lose Weight While Doing Nothing!

Forget the unproven fad diets, this is an easy way of losing weight with science (by increasing your BMR)

Everyday you hear of amazing fad diets that enable you to lose weight rapidly, by combining your food differently, eating or avoid specific foods or even starving yourself. Many of these will not work, or work indirectly by restricting the amount of calories you consume. But there is an easy proven way to lose weight, based on scientific facts, and it can happen while you are doing nothing.

While you are sitting around, your body burns energy for a myriad of bodily functions, for example to pump blood around the body, for the digestion of food, and for cells to grow. This energy is called basal metabolic energy consumption, and it makes up the majority of the energy our body uses. Many of the cells in the body are situated in the muscles, which require a certain amount of energy just to be maintained, even when they are not being used to do muscular work for the body.

If you can increase your basal metabolic energy consumption (or basal metabolic rate or BMR), you will increase your energy consumption - 24 hours a day. If you maintain the same dietary intake, this will result in a loss in body weight.

girl strength trainingstrength training to boost your BMR

One way of increasing your basal metabolic rate is to increase the amount of muscle mass in your body. The way to increase your muscle size is to exercise them. The body adapts to using the muscle for exercise by increasing the size of the muscles. The largest muscles in the body are the thigh muscles, so these are the best muscles to target.

After the initial exercise work that you have to do (yes, there is no way of avoiding it!), you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, an increase in your basal metabolic rate. You will look better, and feel better too!

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