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Shangri-La Diet

Psychology Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, Seth Roberts developed the Shangri-La Diet in 2007. Roberts is neither a doctor nor a nutritionist.

This diet is pretty simple, but weird. The only rule is to take 1 to 3 tablespoons of extra light olive oil (or canola oil, highly-refined walnut oil or any bland oil) and or 1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar water twice daily between meals.

Roberts claims that the body learns to combine especially savory foods with calories, directing us on the way to overindulgence in our favorite foods.
That results to uncontrollable weight gain.

By consuming bland oil and sugar (these has no taste), you can teach your body to stop combining flavor with calories, making your body want less of whatever foods you’re eating.

This will give your body a “set point”. It is a weight level that the body maintains. In losing weight, Roberts believes that you need a “set point”.

The Shangri-La Diet is a “no hunger, eat anything” weight loss plan. From hunger to cravings, you will be able to control and teach your body to want less food. Once you’ve trained your body to want less food, you will be able to eat whatever you desire. That is because when you want a smaller amount, it won’t hurt or harm you.
The diet promises you with a better understanding of weight controlling.

The Shangri-La Diet is very cheap and safe. You will still have the vitamins and minerals in your body as you continue to eat whatever you’ve been eating.  It’s very simple and it doesn’t require too much effort.
There are no-go foods. There’s no need to sacrifice your favorite foods for this diet. No need to count calories or even exercise.  There are no portion control guidelines.

In order for this diet to work,

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