Lemon Detox Diet

What is it?

The Lemon Detox diet (also known as the Neera Supercleanse, Master Cleanse, lemonade diet or the Maple Syrup Diet) is a diet promoted to improve your overall well being, lead you to better health and/or lose weight. During the diet period, you are only allowed to drink the special drink made up of The Lemon Detox Diet is a drink consisting of the Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup, fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper and pure water.

In this diet you are also required to drink as much as you like - ideally 6 to 9 glasses a day or whenever you feel hungry. The single most important part of the detox program is not eating - no solid foods are allowed. For optimal results it is recommended that you go on this diet for 10-14 days.

Does it work?

There's little evidence that extreme diet regimens such as this do anything other than lead to unpleasant, unhealthy side effects. The idea of detoxifying or purifying the body of harmful substances has been around for centuries. However, your body does a perfectly good job of getting rid of toxins on its own. On this radical diet you will most likely lose weight due to calorie restriction. Once dieters resume their normal eating habits, you will most likely just put all the weight back on again. Although the syrup in the drink provides some energy, overall there is a serious restriction in calories, resulting in feeling constantly hungry.

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