YMCA Fitness Testing and Assessment

The YMCA Fitness Testing manual is a reference for fitness instructors and personal trainers. The manual includes the protocols for the following tests. Each test is linked to a page describing the general procedures for conducting such tests. For some of these tests, the actual YMCA description of the test in the manual may differ.

Standard measurements

Body composition



Muscular strength and endurance

YMCA Fitness Testing and Assessment Manual

The YMCA Fitness Testing and Assessment Manual, by Larry Golding (Ph.D., FACSM), is designed to assist you to administer and interpret the YMCA physical fitness test battery correctly. The YMCA fitness test battery has been in use for nearly 30 years. This manual is a follow up to the previous text: " Y’s Way to Physical Fitness"
Included in this manual are all the testing protocols, the latest YMCA adult fitness norms. There are also additional chapters on areas such as basic information on musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems to help readers better understand the test battery and explain the results.
There are 4 appendixes providing additional materials for testing programs:

  1. Sample health screening, medical clearance, and informed-consent forms.
  2. Master scoring sheets for all YMCA fitness tests.
  3. Basic information on using YMCA Fitness Analyst software.
  4. List of common activities and the number of calories burned during those activities.

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