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Quadrathlon Power Test

The Quadrathlon (or Quad test) is a series of four power tests, originally devised in 1982 by Max Jones, a throwing event coach for England's track and field team, to test for explosive power improvement of the national throws squad (javelin, shot-put, discus, hammer throwers). The four events of the quadrathlon are the standing long jump, 3-hop test, 30m sprint and the overhead shot throw. This series of tests were developed to measure the athlete's level of speed, strength, explosiveness, and power.

The Four Tests of the Quadrathlon

Scoring the Quadrathlon Test

The athlete gets three attempts at each test, with the greatest distance or fastest time recorded for each used in the scoring procedure. Points are allocated from the Quadrathlon points table depending on the distance or time achieved for each activity. You can also use these equations to determine the points for each test, where D and T are the distance and time result for the tests:

Some Top Scores

Here are a few top scores in the quadrathlon, which were collected by Bill Webb and posted online.


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