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The FitnessGram Program is designed to assess the fitness levels of children in grades K-1. You can read a detailed description of the FitnessGram Physical Fitness Test.

Below is information about buying products associated with the FitnessGram Program and Tests. To help conduct the tests there is a detailed administration manual and software for recording results and producing reports and other equipment.

Buying FitnessGram Test Products

We do not sell these products directly from this website, we just provide links to sites where you can buy it from.

Fitness Gram Test ManualFitnessgram/Activitygram Test Administration Manual (updated 5th edition!)

The updated 5th edition is also available in our store (supplied by Amazon): Fitnessgram/Activitygram Test Administration Manual which includes a DVD with video clips and the PACER test cd.

This fully updated manual has all the information required to conduct the FitnessGram tests. The manual also comes with a DVD with video clips to help teachers administer the tests and a cd of the PACER Test (available separately too).

Part I introduces teachers to the program components and the mission, goals, and philosophy behind the program. It provides information on fitness education and assessment guidelines, detailing the assessment process step by step.

Part II takes teachers through test administration issues, including safe administration of the program, considerations for special populations, and administration to primary grades. It provides tests for aerobic capacity; details how to determine body composition through skinfold measurements, body mass index, and other methods; and shows how to test for muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility. It also answers physical activity questions related to FITNESSGRAM and guides teachers in interpreting FITNESSGRAM results.

Part III provides an assessment module for ACTIVITYGRAM, outlining how to administer the program and how to interpret the results and give feedback to students.

Four appendixes provide guidelines on where to find testing equipment and how to use it, answers to frequently asked questions, and health-related fitness charts and copy masters of all 17 forms and reports.

Curl Up Measuring Strip

3.0"& 4.5" Curl-Up Measuring Strip

Durable rubber, nonskid strips for measuring curl-ups. The 3.0" measuring strip is for use with 5-9 year olds, and the 4.5" for students age 10 and up. For use with Fitnessgram/Activitygram or the Brockport Physical Fitness Test.

Skinfold Calipers

Skinfold Testing Calipers

These calipers are suitable for testing with the FitnessGram Program. They also come with the Kit above. See the caliper store for these and other calipers available through the Amazon Store.

PACER test cd imageThe PACER aerobic test is also part of the FitnessGram Testing Program. The Publisher Human Kinetics once had the 15m and 20m PACER test cd to purchase separately, but it is not available anymore. The cd also contained the FitnessGram curl-up and push-up test cadences.


Fitnessgram Test KitFitnessgram/Activitygram 8.4 Test Kit (not available)

The test kit includes the following items:

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