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ActivityGram is an activity assessment within the FitnessGram software where students can monitor and record daily activity patterns. It is an easy to use self-assessed web-based tool, which aims to provide feedback to children so they can learn more about their activity habits, and learn how they can become more physically active.

What is it?

ActivityGram is a questionnaire where children enter their daily activities over the previous 3-day period (in 30-minute increments). The children are provided with a detailed report showing total active time, daily active time, and types of activity completed. Personalized recommendations aligned with national guidelines encourage students to perform 60 minutes of daily activity, and based on their results in the ActivityGram will suggest they increase or maintain activity levels, and to set activity goals.

Who is it for?

Although the program is designed to assess the activity levels of children in grades K-12, the program is also appropriate for use with young adults up to age 30.


ActivityGram Lite is a short survey which asks students a series of questions about their physical activity before, during, and after school. The ActivityGram Lite is based on the Youth Activity Profile (Saint-Maurice & Welk 2015). The Physical Activity Rating (PA-R) is a simple questionnaire for categorizing a person's level of physical activity.

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