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Free Fat Calculator Software

The free Fat Calculator Software is a very useful and easy to use software program for easy estimation of body fat percent. If you have looked at the help tab within the software, and followed the instructions, and read through the FAQs below, and still need help, please contact us.

What are the formula used for calculating percent body fat levels?

There is a range of formula used for each of the calculations, depending on the sex and number of sites used. The references are listed under the formula tab.

Where do I take the skinfold measurements?

There are many sites around the human body at which the skinfold pinch can be taken. There is a description of each of the sites within the program, just click on the name of the site and an image will appear showing the measurement site, and a description is given at the base of the page. You can also read a description of the many standard skinfold sites.

Should I use 2, 3, 4 or 7 sites?

There is no standard number of sites to use for measuring skinfolds. Generally the higher the number of sites measured more accurate the results will be. There are several factors to consider when deciding the number of sites to use.

  • Time constraints — you may have limited time to measure large groups of participants.
  • Access to measurement sites — a few skinfold sites are hard to measure in some settings, particularly on women, due to accessing the location under clothing.
  • Availability of appropriate norms — the accuracy of the formula for calculating percent body fat will depend on how similar your subject is to the group used to derive the formula.

What is the correct procedure for taking skinfold measurements?

Once the location is found for each measurement, the standard correct procedure should be followed to produce accurate and reliable results. The right side is usually only measured (for consistency). The tester pinches the skin at the appropriate site to raise a double layer of skin and the underlying adipose tissue, but not the muscle. The calipers are then applied 1 cm below and at right angles to the pinch, and a reading in millimeters (mm) taken two seconds later. The mean of two measurements should be taken. If the two measurements differ greatly, a third should then be done, then the median value taken.

I keep getting 'invalid floating point operation' or 'floating point division by zero' error

You will get an error if you do not fill in all the fields, particularly leaving the height measurement field blank, as the BMI calculation requires this measurement for calculation.

How do I print out the results?

On the chart tab there is a printer icon for printing the graphs. You can also save the results tables to a file, then open the file in another program and print the data from there.

Where can I purchase a skinfold caliper?

We have some for sale, such as the Slim Guide Caliper. There are also other calipers available in the caliper store.

How can you give away this great software for free?

How can you give away this great software for free? The software has been developed by Dr. Abbas Meamarbashi, and he has kindly made it available for free as a download from this site as a service to health and fitness students and health professionals.

Will this software work on a mac?

The software is made for Windows PCs only. It will not work on your mac computer, or any smart phones.

Who is Dr. Abbas Meamarbashi?

Dr. Abbas Meamarbashi was born in Khorasan province in Iran in 1966. He completed his BSc at Mashhad University and then continued his MSc in Tehran University on 1991 and graduated on 1993. He carried out his PhD in Sports Biomechanics in the University Science Malaysia. He has expertise in programming PC & Microcontrollers and Electronic design. He has invented thirty instruments used in scientific research.

Where do I find more information about this software program?

see the main page, read the instructions, contact Dr. Abbas Meamarbashi.

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