Multichannel Computerized Strength Dynamometer

dynamometer testing unit exercises

The MCS Dynamometer is a computerized multi-channel dynamometer developed by Abbas Meamarbashi. It is a very precise, reliable and all-in one testing unit suitable for conducting all the usual strength tests as well as novel dual-side lift dynamometry which is not commonly measured due to lack of a suitable instrument.

The system can be used in a wide range of sports in which muscular strength balance is crucial like weight lifting, gymnastics, etc. It has 4-channels to connect 4 sensors and can simultaneously measure forces. Data can be recorded offline or via a USB port to collect the data online.

The system comes with professional software which enables you to calibrate up to 10 sensors, save all data, display the force graphs, and export data to use statistical packages or other software.

graphKey Features


This strength testing dynamometer system is available to purchase. If you are interested, please contact me for more information.

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