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Cycle Ergometers for Fitness Testing

There is a range of fitness tests using cycling as the primary exercise mode. Many of these cycling fitness tests utilize a cycle ergometer. A cycle ergometer is usually a stationary pedaling apparatus that measures power while a cyclist pushes against a resistance. There are several types of cycling ergometers available, often defined by the mode of resistance, which are listed below.

note: we do not sell cycle ergometers, the information here is to describe the different cycle ergometers available, the different features and functions, to help you chose the best cycle ergometer for your situation. (here's a link to buy cycle ergometers and exercise bikes)

Cycle Ergometer Features

Cycling Ergometers

Monark cycling testMonark cycling test

Calibration of Cycle Ergometers

Calibration of ergometers is recommended, so you can make accurate comparisons between athletes tested on different machines. Pedaling rate can easily be assessed by counting the number of revolutions every minute and compare it to the revolutions displayed on the machine. The power measures of the ergometers are not so easily checked. Calibrating cycle ergometers may require a dynamic calibration with a special rig.

Fitness Tests Using Cycle Ergometers


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