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Yo-Yo Test Norms

There are several Yo-Yo Test variations, and each requires different standards for comparison. There is The Yo-Yo endurance test (like the beep test), and the Yo-Yo Intermittent tests which have short active breaks (5 and 10 seconds for the intermittent endurance and intermittent recovery test, respectively). I am not aware of any published tables of expected scores or 'norms' for any of these test, so I have created some using known test results from a range of people of varying fitness levels. As the Yo-Yo Endurance Test is essentially the same as the standard beep test, the beep test norms can be used.

The following norm tables are not based on any specific research, the ratings were created using data from various sources and should therefore be used as a guide only. Any feedback is welcome. The table has both total distance and level, which are just different ways of reporting the same result. See the Yo-Yo Intermittent Levels page for details of using distances and levels to record results.

Table: Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test Level 1 norms for adult men and women

  males females
rating meters level meters level
elite > 2400 > 20.1 > 1600 > 17.5
excellent 2000-2400 18.7-20.1 1320-1600 16.6-17.5
good 1520-1960 17.3-18.6 1000-1280 15.6-16.5
average 1040-1480 15.7-17.2 680-960 14.6-15.5
below average 520-1000 14.2-15.6 320-640 13.1-14.5
very poor < 520 < 14.2 < 320 < 13.1

Table: Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test Level 2 norms for adult men and women

  males females
rating meters level meters level
elite > 1280 > 22.5 > 800 > 21.1
excellent 1000-1280 21.6-22.5 720-800 20.7-21.1
good 720-1000 20.7-21.6 480-720 20.1-20.7
average 480-720 20.1-20.7 360-480 19.2-20.1
below average 280-480 18.3-20.1 160-360 17.2-19.2
very poor < 280 < 18.3 < 160 < 17.2


We have created the above norm tables using as an initial guide the VO2max norm table, and substituting the data into a formula for estimating VO2max from the Yo-Yo IR1 and IR2 test results (Bangsbo et al. 2008), as well as adjusting the norms based on test results from a range of athletes from the same paper and other known yo-yo test results.


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