Sonic Test

The sonic-test is a repeat sprint test which assesses anaerobic abilities of athletes in team sports (soccer, futsal, basketball, handball, rugby and others). The test involves 8 x 40m sprints every 40 seconds. This test is different from other intermittent sprint tests as it incorprates a turn halfway though each sprint (thereby testing the speed of change of direction), which also reduces the area required to conduct the test.

This is a relatively new test, and not in common use. There have been studies using this test involving professional players in soccer and handball players, and published articles in the Ukrainian and Russian scientific journals.

Index of Anaerobic Performance (IAP) = 320 / (Tav + Kfat)

320 = total distance of the test
Tav = average time of 8 sprints
Kfat = the coeffciient of fatigue (difference between fastest and slowest sprint time)

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