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Sports Psychology Graduate Programs

Athletes striving to reach their peak performance need to be in top shape mentally and physically! In order to maintain the mental skills required to stay focused and overcome challenges, the best athletes work with sports psychology professionals who understand the connection between the body and the mind.

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If you want to combine a passion for helping others with a die-hard love of sports, a career as a sports psychologist could be just what you’re looking for. It is a career choice for people who want to help athletes go from good to great by overcoming mental and physical barriers, building confidence, and remaining disciplined. Sports psychologists work directly with athletes and coaches to keep them on the path toward peak performance, mental health, and physical condition. It’s undoubtedly an excellent time to pursue a graduate program in sports psychology. The profession has developed into a high-profile, international enterprise engaged in almost all elite sports. Such growth has led to notable advances in research and training and the acceptance that individuals and teams must have the right mindset in order to do well. According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, jobs in psychology are expected to increase by 8% between now and 2030.

A graduate program in sports psychology teaches you various transferable skills that can be applied in several environments. You’ll understand the behaviors, processes, and attitudes that lead to success and those that help with stress and high-pressure situations. While a passion for sports and exercise is indispensable, a desire to support, communicate, and challenge those you are coaching is also critical.

What are Graduate Programs in Sport Psychology?

Graduate programs in Sports psychology explore the interplay between sports, the mind, and performance. They are available as master’s and doctorate degrees as well as post-bachelor certificates. These programs implant in students the psychological knowledge and skills to address peak performance and well-being of athletes, the development and social aspects of sports participation, and systemic issues connected with sports and related organizations. It is a multidisciplinary field that spans psychology, medicine, and sports science.

Requirements for Sports Psychology Graduate Programs

Graduate programs in sports psychology typically require a bachelor’s degree with a major in psychology, or at least a certain number of credits of psychology coursework, and possibly kinesiology or other sports-related courses. Suppose a student were to take additional courses or their entire course load at a school that is unaccredited or lost accreditation. In that case, the credits of the whole degree may not be recognized. Admissions committees commonly want a minimum GPA of 3.0 and higher-than-average scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). They also require one to have references and experience in athletics, psychology research, coaching, or other related environments.

Now that we know what graduate sports psychology programs entail and the enrolment requirements, it’s time to look at the top sports psychology graduate programs.

Best Sports Psychology Graduate Programs

There are many master’s programs that can further your journey to becoming a sports psychologist. We have compiled a list of the best sports psychology graduate programs that prepare students for success in the field. These programs groom students for career-long success by offering flexibility to work while learning, the affordability to learn without breaking the bank, and the solid academic reputation associated with the marketability and value of the degree. Here’s the list ranking the best graduate programs focusing on sports psychology.

University of Denver

The University of Denver’s Sports Psychology Program is among the top sports psychology graduate programs in the United States. The faculty has several AASP Certified Mental Performance Consultants (CMPC) on staff to deliver an impressive 72-credit program. The university’s graduate program requires 480 hours of practical experience, ensuring that graduates have extensive real-world experience in various settings. The program culminates with the Master’s Project, which is submitted as a portfolio of personal reflections.

University of Florida

The University of Florida features top affordable online master’s in sport management, focusing on high-performance coaching. This unique program blends sports management with cutting-edge science in psychology, kinesiology, and physiology. Students develop the skills needed to prepare coaches and athletic administrators to get the best out of their organizations.

California State University

The California State university offers a graduate program in kinesiology with a concentration in sport and exercise psychology. The coursework includes applied sports psychology, sports in U.S culture, and psychological aspects of sports injury. The graduate program also has several specialization options, such as sport management, exercise physiology and nutrition, and sports and exercise psychology.

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Michigan State University

The Michigan State University offers a Psychological Aspects of Sport and Physical Activity Concentration in the Master’s in Kinesiology program, one of several specialization areas. Its College of Education also offers a Master’s in Sports Coaching and Leadership and a Ph.D. in Kinesiology with a sports psychology concentration. The university allows students to customize their curriculum by taking courses in counseling, psychology, and sociology, enabling a high level of customization for those seeking to complement their degree in other areas.

Texas A&M University

The university offers advanced study in health and kinesiology that provides students the opportunity to improve their proficiency as a matter of teachers or exercise professionals. It also prepares graduates to become administrators in their field and prepare them for doctoral studies in their kinesiology discipline of interest. The Department of Health & Kinesiology offers coursework leading to the M.S in Kinesiology with a flexible curriculum to meet students' specific needs and interests.

University of North Carolina Greensboro

UNC Greensboro Kinesiology Department offers various graduate programs that develop future practitioners, educators, researchers, and leaders in the field of kinesiology. Its competitive programs are for Master’s (M.S., M.S.A.T.) and Doctoral (Ed.D., Ph.D.) levels. Specifically, its M.S in Kinesiology, concentration in Sport and Exercise Psychology, integrates theory, research, and practice and includes the study of emotional, cognitive, psychophysiological, and social factors that influence sport and exercise behaviors as well as the effects of physical activity on psychological factors.

Wrap Up!

Graduate programs in sports psychology are quickly becoming a necessary prerequisite in order to be competitive in the field. A Master’s degree or Ph.D. is required to launch yourself into the professional community. These graduate programs allow you to focus more narrowly on sports psychology and advanced topics in general psychology, such as counseling, psychology practice, and behavioral psychology.

A sports psychology graduate program will make you a well-rounded sports psychologist who uses the principles of psychology and physiology to create large-scale positive change within sports organizations and increase performance at both the individual and team level.

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