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Sports psychology is often quoted as being making the difference between someone who is good and someone who is a champion, giving you that little extra edge to put you ahead of your opponent.

All good sporting performances come from being well prepared, mentally as well as physically. To be the best requires you to use the skills that you have as effectively as possible.

Often athletes who are fit and talented do not achieve their best possible performances because they have not developed the necessary mental skills. Maybe their concentration lapses at vital moments, they lack motivation or find it hard to perform under pressure.

Sport psychology is about helping athletes tap into their potential and achieve the performances they dream about. Setting goals is an important starting point. All good athletes set goals and develop targets and plans to achieve their goals. Effective goal setting comes from making your goals positive, specific, actionable and flexible. The goals also need to focus on what is important, and involve short and long term goals. You have to focus.

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Try some of these top tips to stay motivated, or these motivational quotes. Psychological assessment also plays an important role in sport psychology.

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