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Being a Sports Photographer is not about having the latest or the most expensive digital or film camera in the world. It is all about how to creatively capture great action moments in a game. Sports Photography is a form of photography that covers all the aspects of sports.

Education Requirements for a Sports Photographer

A portfolio is required for a bachelor's degree program. For someone aiming to become a Sports Photographer, a Bachelor's degree in Photography will show courses in art, business, marketing and other subjects. The courses related to Sports Photography in Universities and Colleges, include digital imaging, digital photography, lighting, developing and history of photography.

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Job Description of a Sports Photographer

The main task of a Sports Photographer is to capture as many pictures as possible to be able to catch the best shot with great sports action. A Sports Photographer must be in a correct position in the field to be able to capture perfect photos. Sports Photographers often work for news services, local newspapers, image services, television stations and companies that produce year books.

Job Requirements of a Sports Photographer

A Sports Photographer must have keen attention to detail. They must enough knowledge on how to use digital cameras with correct and perfect timing to capture great moments during a sports game and must have enough knowledge on the sport they are working for. Moreover, a Sports Photographer must be patient, punctual and creative.

How much can a Sports Photographer earn?

The salary will depend on the experience of the photographer and the organization an individual works for. If a Sports Photographer works for a company, there can be great benefits such as medical coverage, insurance plan, and paid sick and vacation leaves. Some may even work as a freelancer and may even have greater compensation.

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