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A Career in Sport Photography

What does a Sport Photographer do?

A job as a sports photographer can be very rewarding, though it may also be very demanding, requiring long work hours and a lot of travel. Sports photographgers commonly work as freelancers, upplying their images to a newspaper, magazine or an agency which supplies images to those.

As a bonus of the job, the sports photographer has many opportunities to attend major sporting events, making it a desirable job for the sports fan. It is not all fun though. The job predominantly entails taking pictures of athletes in action, which may require plenty of preparation, long hours waiting and watching for the perfect shot. You will often be working to deadlines and under pressure to get a good shot that can be used.

Do you want to become a Sport Photographer Do you want to become a Sport Photographer

How to become a Sport Photographer

You need to be skilled and creative but also need to put in a lot of hard work initially for little rewards. A sports photographer will usually need to supply their own photographic equipment.

You can start out by building up your own portfolio by taking photos at local sporting events.  Upskill yourself with advanced photo editing skills.  You will need to promote yourself, as it is a very competitive industry. Look for small jobs to start, such as showing your work to the local paper. Join a photography club in your area and enroll in basic, intermediate and advanced photography courses. Upload your photos online and hopefully a break will come your way.

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