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For someone interested in sports and writing, a job as a sports journalist may be just right for you. Sports journalism is a form of writing or reporting in which the dominant subject can be an athlete, a sports event or any sports-related issue. A sports journalist is someone who professionally reports sports news and events.

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Job Description for a Sports Journalist

A Sports Journalist is a person that reports about sports and games. They keep the fans updated with the latest happening in their favorite sports. A Sports Journalist reports and writes about the current statistics of the game and they also feature some stories about the team and its players. They usually travel to the location of a sports event or they may even contact a person to update the status of the game. After gathering all this information, the sports journalist will collate every important detail. This information will then be reported or written in a column, and published online or in print.

Job Requirements for a Sports Journalist

To become a sports journalist, a person must have good writing skills, good communication skills, and good observation. In addition, to become a successful sports journalist, a person must be confident, creative, patient, accurate, resourceful and alert. Further, a sports journalist must be able to travel to different places, work at irregular hours, work under pressure and be able to meet deadlines.

A sports journalist can work in a radio or television station or to a company that produces reports through newspaper. Further, these talented professionals can also work in Universities or Colleges as an official reporter for sports.

Work Environment

Most sports journalists do not have fixed working hours. They follow the schedules of the sports events that usually start in the evening or are held on the weekends. Sometimes they may even be required to travel just to cover a current sports event.

Education Requirements

A Bachelor of Science in Sports Journalism is one possible pathway for a person to become a sports journalist. This is needed both for broadcast and written journalism. Some Universities or Colleges may require students to complete a journalism course before being admitted into a sports journalism major. There are online resources available for those who need help with my homework. There are also some Universities offering Master's degree in Journalism. The course topics included in Sports Journalism Degree Programs are journalism research, news reporting, sports broadcast commentary, legal issues in sports, new media sports reporting and public speaking.

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