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How to Become a Sports Journalist

Being a journalist covering sports may sound like an exciting career. After all, you will write about unique events, athletes, and initiatives, and be at the heart of things. But at the same time, being a journalist in sports requires a certain degree of preparation, as proficiency is achieved through a combination of knowledge, hard work, and skills.

Together with experts from Jooble, we partnered to gather some information about what it takes to become a sports journalist. We will break down the exact steps you will need to take and, if you are certain about your career, you can try to find sports journalism jobs in Manchester.

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Advantages of This Role

If this career option should have ignited your interest. This means you should already be aware of the main specifics of this profession. But it also has its important benefits, so let’s have a look at some of them:

A Chance to See the Hottest Sports Events

Even if you are not a sports fan, you will have a chance to be where everything cool is happening, and sports events are an exciting place to be. So prepare your questions and ideas, as you will need to show your professionalism in these amazing places.

Exciting Environment

This is an exciting environment and you will always have a lot of events and challenges in your daily work. And also, you will never get bored at your workplace.

Networking and Other Opportunities

You will meet coaches, athletes, and fellow journalists, and building  professional relationships will be the easiest way for you to grow as a sports journalist and have the necessary information.

Travel Opportunities

Often, sports journalists travel to different cities and countries to cover events. Although it will depend on your specific roles, traveling may be exciting and may allow you to experience and learn new cultures.

Continuous Learning

Additionally, as a sports journalist, you will always progress. As your job will require you to always stay updated on current sports events, this can be intellectually stimulating, and you will grow as a professional. Also, as you will be engaged in the subject matter due to the specifics of your job, it will motivate you to grow, too.

Tips to Start Your Career in Sports Journalism

Education and Background

Education is important, but this is about your knowledge and expertise, not a formal degree. Think of the best way you can achieve your education, and remember that this is a continuous process, so you will learn for years.


Being specific about what you write about will not just save you time and effort, it is necessary for becoming proficient in your exact niche and having chances to grow. Sports journalists need to be specific as they cannot cover everything, but you can go deep in the area you choose.

Writing Skills

Journalism is not fully about writing, but writing skills will make you better. Consider taking journalism courses or writing a blog.

Build a Portfolio

The portfolio will represent you professionally. You need to make sure your portfolio includes your best writing samples, like articles, blog posts, or other pieces. Gather relevant pieces of work, as this will be vital for applying for internships and jobs.


Generally, it is not only about certain steps but rather about continuous development. To become successful, you need to navigate in your professional field and understand what it takes to stay competitive and improve yourself. Networking opportunities also work as an additional power for your professional achievements, but you need to work smart, not hard.

Your success may largely depend on your skills and experience, your interest in this job will help you develop. Use different opportunities, network, learn, and use the professionals’ advice. If you are constantly improving your skills and your experience, it will be your driving force, and even engagement in your career will help you gain expertise. Educate yourself, get experience, and build the career of your dreams!

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