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What does a Sports Journalist do?

Sports journalists report sporting news to the public, working for a newspaper or magazine, radio, television or online. Their job entails watching and reporting on sporting events, following leads for stories and researching information. Not only will you need good writing and interviewing skills, you will need have research and organization skills, a keen eye for detail, curiosity, and the ability to work to a deadline.

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Essential Qualities of a Sports Journalist

Becoming a Sports Journalist

Most people who want a career as a sports journalists follow the path of a university degree in journalism. You may also get into this career through your exceptional skills and writing experience. Gaining experience as an intern on college newspaper, radio, or television station is a great way to start, or even as general reporters on small-town newspapers. Start your own sports related website (like this one!) or write a sports blog. Get your writing out there as you practice your craft. See this guide to help get a job in sports journalism.

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