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Beach Volleyball Talent Identification

Shown here are examples of the fitness tests that are used for beach volleyball testing as part of the eTID program, a talent identification program run by the Australian Institute of Sport. This is just a simple example of some tests for assessing the fitness of volleyball player, there are many other tests that you could use for testing volleyball players. A suggested testing protocol for volleyball players is listed on the Volleyball Fitness Testing page.

Fitness Tests

These are the tests that are conducted for the Beach Volleyball eTID program. These links are to our general description of the tests. For specific instructions on how to conduct the test for the program see the AIS eTID website.


The eTID Beach Volleyball program is targeting females at least 180cm tall (or potential to grow this tall) and males who are at least 190cm (or have the potential to grow 190cm). The vertical jump test results are also important - they are looking for females who can jump 280cm or greater (the distance measured from the ground to the jump height) and males who can jump at least 290cm.

Source of Tests

The above tests are used for talent identification testing of beach volleyball athletes in Australia. The National Talent Identification and Development (NTID) program at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) have developed an online talent identification tool (eTID). Through the eTID website individuals are able to submit results from fitness tests done at home, and if the results are up to a certain level they will invite you to be tested further and placed into a talent identification program.

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