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Training To Be A Better Court Volleyball Player

To be a great court volleyball player you need to be powerful, energetic, graceful, and able to handle the ball with finesse. This kind of spectrum of requirements calls for a unique training regimen.

There are a lot of different ideas about how to best accomplish this goal, but most coaches and experts agree that it is important to undergo a course of training that includes a wide variety of different kinds of exercises that will help you develop all of these abilities.

Training for an upcoming season of competitive court volleyball requires a diverse regimen of strength training, endurance building, and technique improvement.

Many people who want to improve their volleyball game spend a lot of time practicing important moves like serving and spiking the ball. These are the fundamentals of the game, and unless you can serve accurately and spike with a lot of force, you will probably not be able to lend your team very much support. It is important to gain some mastery of these elements of volleyball before you start to focus on other, less crucial aspects of your performance.

Once you have a solid grasp on the key maneuvers of the game, it is time to move on to making sure that you are the strongest, quickest athlete you can be. Having a great spike won’t prove to be very useful if you can never get to the ball! It is important to train both the lower and the upper body to be a great volleyball player. You will need strong arms and shoulders in order to send the ball flying, so weight lifting to improve your biceps and other upper body muscles is a key part of any volleyball training regimen.

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It is also important to spend some time developing your legs and lower body, especially the calves and glutes because this can help you send your jumps sky high. Strong legs are the powerhouse that fuel a good volleyball team member.

A player who has the time and dedication to improve all of these different muscle groups will have quite an advantage over a competitor who has concentrated solely on one or the other.

Once you have improved your strength and your skill, it is time to focus on agility. The lighter you can be on your feet, the safer and more effective a player you will become. Court volleyball is very much about being able to move quickly while avoiding collisions with other players. Any volleyball athlete can benefit from improving his or her reflexes.

Most injuries on the court happen when players crash into each other while running, jumping, or diving for the ball. If you can learn to respond instantaneously to the movements of other players you will able to protect yourself and your teammates from this kind of common, and often painful, mishap.

Article by Gray Rollins

Gray Rollins is a featured writer for VolleyballAdvice. Go there to learn more about volleyball.

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