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Beer Mile

The beer mile is a race that combines drinking beer and running a mile. The race is said to have originated in Canada in 1989. The races usually take place around a 400m running track, requiring 4 laps. The participants have a drink of beer before they start, and before each subsequent lap of the track, before racing (or staggering) to the finish line.

The suggested drink is a 12 US ounces can of beer, of at least 5% alcohol. Standard North American rules stipulate that any participant that vomits before finishing the race must complete an extra penalty lap.

The current men's world record holder is James Nielsen who completed the course in 4:47. He became the first runner in the world to break the five-minute beer mile. He spent approximately 30 seconds drinking his beers. Chris Kimbrough ran 6:28:6 mile to break the long standing female record, beating Seanna Robinson, who ran 6:42.0 in 1997.

In 2014, disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong disgraced himself even more when he attempted a beer mile. After he chugged a beer, ran one lap well behind the leaders, and grabbed another beer, he dropped out.

The inaugural Flo Beer Mile World Championship will be held in Austin, Texas, December 2014.

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