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The new sport of Batthroball was created by Shripad Krishnarao Vaidya of Nagpur city in Maharashtra state of India in the month of April 2019. 

Equipment Required: Rubber ball or any suitable ball, bat which can hit the ball, helmets for opposition players preferably standing near inner circle, other safety appliances if any as per player's requirement, marking material, score board, calculator, notebook and pen.

Sport Description

Batthroball is an outdoor sport. This sport is played in open ground. Player will stand at the center of the ground properly marked for this purpose. He will hold one ball in his one hand and bat in his another hand. Other players will stand around him in all directions at various distances. These players are free to change their positions on the ground as per the requirement of the situation. There will be one circle marked around the center (where the player with the bat stands). The diameter of this circle will be fixed unanimously and it may be around 20 ft. Other players will not enter in this circle for restricting the ball. In this way there will be number of circles marked. Second circle maybe of 50 feet diameter. Third circle may be of 100 feet diameter. Fourth circle may be of 150 feet diameter and last circle may be of 200 feet diameter.  

To start the play, player with the bat will throw the ball on the ground with his own hand. The ball will bounce and go up in the air. While ball is coming down, the batsman has to hit the ball in such a way that it should go as long (far away) as possible. Other players have to oppose the ball movement and they will try to catch the ball.  If ball reaches in second circle then batsman will get one point. If ball goes in third circle then batsman will get two points. If ball reaches in fourth circle then batsman will get three points. If ball reaches in last circle batsman will get 4 points. If ball crosses the boundary of last circle then batsman will get 6 points.  

Immediately after hitting the ball by the bat if opposition player catches the ball before touching the ground then batsman will be declared out. If ball remains in inner circle then batsman will not get any point. Every batsman has to play particular number of throws to be fixed unanimously before star of the match. After playing number of throws the total score of the batsman will be recorded and another player who was opposing up-till now will get the chance to play by bat. Previous batsman will now enter in the group of players opposing the ball and will start opposing the ball. In this way every player will get the chance to bat the ball and oppose the ball. Player having highest score will be considered as winner.  

This sport can also be played in teams. While in team, one team player will bat one by one and another team player will oppose and vice versa. Coin will be tossed to fix about who will make the batting or oppose the ball. Total number of players will be 12  for four circles assuming opposing player will stand on three directions on the circle and one direction remain open for the batman to hit the ball.  

If batsman fails to hit the ball or fail to bounce the ball within inner circle then this try will also be counted towards total chances given to batsman. While hitting the ball after throw /bounce the batsman will not be allowed to go out from inner circle. If he go out from inner circle and hit the ball then his score will not be counted. The ball must strike in second inner circle before going away if not the foul will occur and one point will be reduced from the player's score and he will not get the points for that hit. The diameters of the circles may be adjusted as per the skills developed by the players but decision in this regard should be taken unanimously before start of the sport.  

Shripad Krishnarao Vaidya has up till now invented total 14 new sports including the following: Ballpather, Bouncerbask, Disha, Khogoska, Luckchase, Masedeball, One in ten, Silejum, Spekthow, Three in one race. 

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