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Arena Ball

The new sport of Arena Ball was created by Evan Smoak from Waycross, Georgia USA in April 2017. Arena Ball is a new sports which combines the elements of Ultimate Frisbee, Arena Football, Rugby and Indoor Soccer.

Equipment Required:

futuristic stadiumfuturistic stadium

Sport Description

The game is played on a basketball court or preferably a carpeted gymnasium found in schools. Game at Pro level will be played on indoor soccer/Arena football fields.

On each end of the field there is a 10 yard end zone. There is also bounce nets hung 20 feet up from the end zone. The field is 50 yards, not including the end zones.

On the 10 yard line before each end zone, There a bright yellow line. This is the attacking line. You can not throw the ball to score past this line. Also, you can not run with the ball unless you are past this line.

If you catch or steal the ball anywhere else on the field not between the attacking line and the back of the end zone, you must remain stationary. Violation of this rule results in a turnover.

There is 4 ways to score.

  1. By throwing the ball in front of the attacking line and someone catches it in the end zone results in 1 point. Both feet must be in bounds for point to count.
  2. If a person kicks the ball in front of the attacking line and a person in the end zone catches it, You will be awarded 2 points. The offensive team can score 3 times in a row before possession changes.
  3. If a person throws the ball against the bounce net in front of the attacking line, and that SAME person catches or rebounds the ball in the end zone, your team will be awarded 4 points.
  4. If a person kicks the ball against the rebound net in front of the attacking line, and catches or rebounds it in the end zone, your team will be awarded 5 points.

You may only complete 2 bounce net points in a row before possession changes.

Each team consists of 5 players. 2 forwards, 2 wings, and One defender. All players can go anywhere in bounds on the field. Game consists of two 30 minute halves with a 5 minute half team in between.


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