The Golden Goal (GG)

The new sport of The Golden Goal was created by Mohammed Babiker and Ahmed Babiker from Sudan in 2014.

The IDEA: As a football player, I think football is more interesting game because it needs high skills and physical fitness to be done well. So, as we see during football matches, the skilled players sometimes can score difficult goals by kicking the ball from different positions in the play field specially when they are not facing the goal directly. So, my idea is a game of scoring a goal when the player is not facing the goal using direct free kick.

The Objectives:

Sometimes people can not play football as competitors because they became old, they have no opportunities to join clubs or they exposed to previous injuries during playing previous football matches. So, the suggested game doesn't need more physical fitness or movement as well as the players will not be exposed to injures and there will be a competition between them.

Also the game can be practiced by male or female players of all ages and the competition will be between two players or two groups of players.

The suggested game

The suggested game is derived from the main football game of eleven players and it consist of the following elements: a playing field, players, two goals, a ball, referees.

The game is scoring direct free kick goal played by the player who has the ability to score a goal when he is completely not facing the goal and there is a far distance between him and the goal, that is to say, kicking the ball in nearly a curve path towards the goal.

The Rules


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