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Rugby League

The sport of Rugby League is played on a rectangular field with an oval shaped ball two teams and each team consists of 13 players that pass and kick the ball. Rugby League is a rough game as it involves tackling the players in a bid to get the ball. The players score by landing the ball on the goal line. The game is popular in England, France, Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Bamaga versus Thursday Island rugby league match Bamaga vs Thursday Island rugby league match

Rugby League was established after the split of football unions. The Northern Football Union split emerged as independent Union from England’s Rugby Football Union in 1908. In 1907-1908 another split occurred from RFU affiliated unions in New Zealand and Australia and named themselves Rugby Football League. In 1922, Northern Union changed its name to Rugby Football League and later started to be known as Rugby League Football.

The team that scores more points through the goals wins. The time duration is 80 minutes. The players kick and pass the ball side wards and backwards to their teammates so that it touches the goal line. Tackling is crucial aspect of rugby League. The player who is holding the ball is tackled by knocking him to the ground.

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