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Rugby League Nines

Rugby League Nines is quite similar to Rugby league football but as the name suggests, it has nine players in each team instead of the 13 in the traditional rugby league game. The match duration is 15 minutes with two halves of 7 minutes 30 seconds. As the game duration is short, it is commonly played in festivals. The game is popular in Australia, New Zealand and England. Only nine players from each team are allowed in the field at any time.

The game allows unlimited substitutions. Scrums comprise of 3 forwards in the front row and 2 forwards in the second row making a total of five forwards. After a point has been scored by a team, the opposing team restarts the game. If there is any misconduct, the referee suspends the game for two minutes.

There has been a recent addition of Powerplay to the game. The team may go for a Powerplay after scoring a try. Try is worth four points and so is the Powerplay. This game has no half time interval. The teams get one minute so that they can change ends.

Rugby League Nines is also sometimes called Nines, Footy, Football or League. Rugby League International Federation governs Rugby League Nines.


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