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Fitness for Rugby League

There are many components of fitness that are important for success in Rugby League. Here are each of the components, and a short description of how it relates to the game of rugby.

Both aerobic and anaerobic fitness is important. All players need a good level of muscular endurance and strength, required for running and pushing in scrums and for tackling and blocking.

Explosive power and speed is required to overcome inertia, for short powerful sprints, fast break-aways and for exploding through a tackle.

For longer sprints, anaerobic power enables the player to play at high intensity for short periods of time. Anaerobic capacity is the ability to repeat a series of high intensity sprints, which commonly occurs in periods of play. Aerobic power is also needed to be able to run and play the game at a high intensity for prolonged periods of time.

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Agility, the ability to change direction and move laterally, is essential for successful league play. Agility requires good balance and coordination. Co-ordination is also required for passing and in tackles, and for interceptions. Flexibility is required for the ability to move joints freely through full range of motion.

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