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Beach Rugby

Beach rugby is a sport that is similar to rugby football, but played on sand. There are no specific rules for this sport unlike beach soccer and beach volleyball. There are leagues around Europe for this game, but rules depend on the league.

Beach rugby is particularly popular in Italy. The size of the field depends on the league, but it is usually around 30 to 50 meters long, and 20 to 35 meters wide. Beach rugby is played by two teams, with either 4 or 7 players each, it depends on the league. There can be a total of 3 or 7 reserves allowed.

A standard rugby ball is used for beach rugby, but most leagues use the size 4 ball instead of size 5. Many of the beach rugby leagues use the “one try, one point” scoring system.

Most of the time, a “sudden-death extra time” period is used for tied matches. Beach rugby matches usually lasts in around 10 to 14 minutes, with 5 or 7 minutes halves.  


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