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Snow Rugby

Snow Rugby is a variation of Rugby Union in which matches are played on fields covered with snow. The frequent rugby union matches that were being played in extreme cold and snow filled fields was the inspiration for a separate sport to be created.

The fields used for snow rugby is exactly the same size as that of a rugby union fields. The field should be covered with deep snow at least about the shin level. The sport is played in Argentina, Canada, the Baltic states, Kashmir region in India, northern USA, Russia and other ex-soviet union countries, and Finland.

The ball used is same as what is used for rugby union. Players wear attire that is conducive to play in snow for extended periods without causing any harm. The number of players, the duration of the game, the rules of the game, the game play, and scoring are all exactly the same as rugby sevens.

Most tournaments for snow rugby are usually conducted as part of major Rugby Union competitions like World Cups. The most recent was the "20 Below Rugby in the Snow" tournament held at Mount Dobson in 2011. Occasionally exclusive snow rugby tournaments are conducted in some snow rugby playing nations.


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