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The Sport of Team Handball

Handball, which can also be called team handball and borden ball, is a type of contact sport in which two teams with seven players each (consisting of six outfield players and one goalkeeper), pass a ball and throw it into the goal of the opposing team.

The sport was developed in the 1800s in northern Europe. Both men and women can play handball. Handball is usually held indoors.

A match consists of two periods with 30 minutes each period. The standard court size is 20 meters by 20 meters, the court sidelines’ term is touchlines, and the goal lines are called endlines

Handball is a fast-paced sport, goals are score frequently. In handling the ball, the players must follow some rules. When receiving the ball, a player can either pass, keep possession or the player can shoot the ball. Only the defending goalkeeper can touch the floor of the goal area, no other players can touch. A ball cannot be passed back to the goalkeeper if the goalkeeper is still in the goal area.

indoor team handball players indoor team handball players

Alternative Names

Also called Team Handball, Olympic Handball, European team handball, and Borden ball.


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