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Field Hockey

Field hockey is a popular competitive team sport played all around the world, belonging to the hockey sport family. Players use a stick with a curved end to hit a ball into a net to score a goal.

The game is played on a field that is 90 metres long and 55 metres wide. Teams are composed of 11 players including one goalkeeper. The duration of the game consists of 2 x 35 minute halves, with a 10 minute break, plus stoppages.

Players use sticks made of wood or fiber glass to hit a round, hard and rubber like ball. The length of the stick is usually according to the height of the player. Moreover, there are also no left hand sticks in this sport, only one side of the stick is allowed to use to hit the ball.

fast break hockey hockey is a high intensity sport

Goal keepers are the only players who have the permission to touch the ball with any part of their body. The team that scores the most goals at the end of 70 minutes of play wins. If the scores are tied, winner is decided by giving extra time or by penalty shoot-outs.

The uniform includes cleats, shorts, jersey and shin-guards.

The competitive season of hockey is usually played during the winter months. International competition runs all year round. Tournaments include many games over a short period of time, requiring travel and often a gruelling schedule. The international hockey tournament schedule includes the following major events; Olympic Games, World Cup, Champions Trophy and Champions Challenge I and II, and Commonwealth Games.


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