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Rossall Hockey

Rossall Hockey is a unique form of hockey that is played only at Rossall School in England, combining elements of hockey and rugby. Think about it - rugby with sticks!

Rossall hockey is a very physical sport that was born out of rugby but is played with sticks similar to ones used for hockey.

The game is played on a beach near the Rossall School in England. The pitch has to be 80 paces long. The markings for the field are drawn with sticks before each match. There is a goal post on both ends and a "D" box around the goal post.

During game play the ball can be handled only with the stick and no other body part can be used. The ball can only be passed backwards and forward passes are considered as a foul.

A game starts with a bully, which consists of seven players from each team lined up against each other at the center circle. Three players each from both teams called flies standout of the bully.

At the start of the match teams try to wrench the ball from the other team's control. After one team gains possession of the ball from the bully, they try to move the ball towards the opponents goal, and force it between the opponents goalposts. Goals can be scored only from within the "D" area.

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