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Hockey Fives - a shorter and faster variant of field hockey

Hockey5s is a variant of field hockey. The sport, first introduced in 2013, aims to make the sport simpler, quicker, higher scoring and more entertaining to attract more spectators.

Hockey5s teams play with five players each (including the goalkeeper), unlike regular field hockey where each side consists of 11 players.

A Hockey 5s court is around half the size of a regular hockey field. A match comprises two 10-minute halves.

hockey fives hockey

Unlike field hockey, there is no scoring circle - players are allowed to shoot from anywhere to score a goal. There are also no short corners.

One of the major differences from regular field hockey is the presence of boundary boardsĀ  along the sidelines, which enable the ball to rebound into play and keep the game moving quickly. This results in fewer stoppages and a far more flowing game.

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