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Disc golf is similar to regular golf in many ways. Instead of using clubs and a ball, the player throws a Frisbee disc, and tries to hit individual targets in as few throws as possible.

putting for the basketputting for the basket

As with regular golf, the game is commonly played at a recreational level, though there are also professional leagues with players earning good money. Check out these tips which can elevate your game from amateur to professional level. Know your disc golf rules and equipment required.

The Course

In official competition, the targets are elevated baskets surrounded by chains, so that when the disc hits the chains it drops into the basket. Generally, for a game of disc golf any object can serve as a hole, such things such as trees, poles and posts are ideal. The distance of the holes are usually between 80m and 150m and are rated par 3, though longer and shorter ones can also be designed.

The Disc

The discs used in disc golf are smaller and heavier than those used for the other popular disc sport, ultimate Frisbee The disc used in Frisbee golf fly further (when you know how to throw them) and are more resistant to damage when they hit trees, which will happen without a doubt. See more about the equipment needed to play disc golf, including details about selecting the right discs.

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