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10 Ultimate Tips to Level Up Your Disc Golf Game!

Disc Golf is played at a professional level, and the number of Disc Golfers is increasing day by day because of its wide scope as the game is already played in more than 40 countries worldwide. In addition, you can earn well in the championships and tournaments organized by the regulatory body, PDGA.

So, if you are looking to make a career in the Disc Golf game, you should be following certain things to level up your game from an amateur to a professional.

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Here are the 10 ultimate tips to level up your Disc Golf game and become a pro Disc Golfer:

  1. Make Disc Golf Part of Your Routine: Sports not only keep your body fit but teach good habits and moral values. The best part about sports is that they bring uniformity and discipline to you. Therefore, if you want to become a pro-level Disc Golfer, make the game part of your routine. Spend at least half an hour a day practicing your throws. It will make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses so that you can work on them and pace up your skills day by day.

  1. Choose Beginner-Friendly Course: It is always recommended to start from the lowest level and increase your pace gradually. The same principle applies when you select your Disc Golf course initially. Since the Disc Golf courses are vast fields in nature, there are various hurdles depending on the landscape. But at the initial stage, you should look for a beginner-friendly course.

  1. Seek Used and Affordable Discs: There are different categories of Disc Golf discs, namely putters, drivers, fairway drivers, and mid-range drivers, so investing in Disc Golf discs at the initial stage of your gameplay can become a burden on your pocket. Therefore, when you start practicing the game, invest in used and affordable discs as you are still new to learning the techniques and might miss the target initially. You can also look for affordable disc bundles, Disc Golf discs on sale, and misprint discs which are durable yet inexpensive.

  1. Invest in a Portable Disc Golf Basket: To play the game on a Disc Golf course every day may not be possible because of various factors such as distance, availability, weather, busy schedule, and other impediments. But it is not difficult to play the game in your backyard. You can play the game anywhere you want; that is the versatility of the game. And do you know that you can take your Disc Golf basket anywhere you want? The premium Disc Golf brands like GrowTheSport and Dynamic Discs manufacture portable Disc Golf baskets which function similarly to the permanent baskets, can withstand windy conditions, and are easy to install anywhere you want. You can also carry them while traveling and play the game whenever you find free time. A portable Disc Golf basket will help you follow your routine because we understand how difficult it is to get back into a routine after a break.

  1. Learn About the Game--Watch Videos: If you do not have a coach or anyone to guide you on improving your Disc Golf skills, don't worry because now you can learn from professionals. How? Various Disc Golfers have collaborated with Disc Golf stores and created videos on different techniques, which you can look up online and learn from. Also, watching others play is much more effective and easier to understand than just reading about the rules and regulations of the game. Since they have grown from amateurs to professionals, they know what kind of mistakes you can make in the initial stages and, therefore, will help you improve step by step in an easy way. So, watch videos posted online by professionals and try to follow their techniques and one day, you will become the master without even realizing when you did so.

  1. Enjoy the Game: Before you have any other motive to become a professional, the first thing should be enjoyment. You should never feel bored or take it as a mundane task to play the game; then, you will not be able to give your 100%, so play the game for fun and enjoyment and never get disheartened if it takes even a month to learn a throw. Only when you enjoy the game will you feel a deeper connection with it, and then making it a part of your routine will be a cakewalk for you.

  1. Warmup Before You Start: Since you require full-body movement in the Disc Golf game, your body needs to be flexible to avoid soreness and injuries. Therefore, you should always perform warmup exercises and stretch your body. Follow 5-10 minutes of your choice's warmup or stretching routine before you begin playing, and try to stretch your body after you finish playing as a cool-down exercise.

  1. Level Up Step by Step: Every good thing takes time, so patience is the key you should never forget. Don't rush into learning more; take your time to get the hang of the game and enhance your skills step by step. Like without a warmup, you have a risk of injury. Similarly, if you try to push your limits beyond what your body allows in the initial stage, there is always a risk of fatigue, further hampering your productivity. So, take one step at a time and try to learn a new skill once you master the previous one. In this way, you will not feel stressed out, and it will keep you interested in the game.

  1. Practice Different Types of Throws: There are generally five types of throws, namely backhand, sidearm/forehand, overhand, hyzer, and anhyzer, and you will never know which one is your forte unless you have tried them all. Therefore, start exploring every throw one by one because only through practice you will be able to find your comfort zone and once you get comfortable in any of the throws, focus on mastering it.

  1. Invest in a Disc Golf Backpack and other accessories: You need to invest in a Disc Golf bag, accessories, and apparel. Since there are various types of discs, scorecards, first aid kits, water bottles, towels, extra sets of clothing and other necessary items, you need a proper bag to carry them to the field. A Disc Golf backpack is designed specially to carry Disc Golf discs and other necessary items that a Disc Golfer requires in the field. The bag has different sectors to store different types of discs so that you can easily manage every disc. Furthermore, there are additional pockets where you can keep your valuables securely.

In addition to a Disc Golf bag, you also need good quality Disc Golf apparel such as t-shirts, shorts, pants, hats, and more to have a comfortable game in all weather conditions. You also require accessories such as scorecards, gloves, an umbrella and others. 

So, look for premium, affordable apparel and accessories you need to play Disc Golf.

Thus, the tips mentioned above can help you level up your game and become a professional Disc Golfer. So, keep your learning spirits high, add the game to your daily routine, and invest in premium Disc Golf products to enjoy the game while enhancing your skills.

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