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MYO Salad

This type of dish is a newer way of doing things in a cooking class. It was very successful, and allowed participants to see what others could create, while also trying out new combinations themselves. Making salads is an endless myriad of ideas, so you can add to the ingredients list whatever you feel would work! Salads can be made as a side dish with a main meal, or can be substantial enough to be a main on their own. So step out from the classic salad options and get creative with your own designs. You could also add a meat option or nuts to the salad to increase the protein content.

In a class setting you could create three different delicious salads for your meal, or athletes can choose their own ingredients to combine together for their own individual combination

Possible Ingredients

cooking classcooking class

Cooking Classes

A cooking class is a great way to give athletes more confidence in the kitchen, teach some cooking skills and educate them a little along the way. See our guide to conducting a cooking class, with example menus which includes this recipe.

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