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Olympic Games Nutrition in Sochi 2014

The food supplied for the athletes at the Olympic Village needs to cater to a diversity of sports, cultures, ages and special dietary needs. Here is some information about the Olympic Village food menu for Sochi in 2014.

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2014 Sochi, Russia

The Sochi Games had three Olympic Villages — the Coastal Village for athletes competing at indoor events; the Endurance Village for athletes competing in cross-country and biathlon; and the Mountain Village for athletes competing in all other mountain events. The Mountain Village, the largest of the three, housed about 3,000 athletes and officials. Each village had its own dining area.

The dining areas at the Sochi Olympic Athlete Villages were required to feed about 2,850 athletes from 89 countries. Also more than 2 million meals will be served to volunteers alone. To provide such vast amounts of food, 8,000 chefs, sous-chefs, cooks, waiters, bartenders and cashiers were employed.

Also, long time Olympic sponsor McDonald's built two 24-hour restaurants, providing free meals for athletes.

The main dining room was the size of two football fields and was arranged according to food type. Everything you can think of was on offer, including Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Mexican cuisines.

Despite what was obviously a well-planned eating experience, the majority of reports online indicate that the athletes were disappointed with the food on offer.

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