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Topend Sports Newsletter: 4 Dec 2017


Never Stop Studying Sport Science


Whether you're an athlete or coach, student or sport-science graduate, there is always more to learn. Particularly in the health and fitness field, there is a lot of superstitions, unsubstantiated information and exaggerated claims - what some may call 'fake news'! You need to stay alert and never take anything for granted, think critically about the information you hear or read, and search out reputable information yourself.

If you are really interested in maximising performance for yourself or your athletes, a great starting point is my website Topend Sports which contains a wealth of information on all aspects of sport science. Well done, you are already subscribed to this occasional topical newsletter. Other highly reputable online resources are The Science of Sport by Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas and My Sport Science by Asker Jeukendrup.

Academically, the opportunities to expand your knowledge of the sport sciences include enrolling in a sport science course, attending a sport science conference, and reading research papers. There are short personal trainer courses, year-long diplomas in a range of areas and 3 years university courses if you are really passionate about immersing yourself in sport-science and working in the field. There is something for everyone - the important thing is to be constantly searching and broadening your understanding in this ever growing and evolving field.


"The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge"
(American novelist Thomas Berger)

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