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Cricket Team Nicknames

Many of the cricket national teams from around the world have another name by which they are well known.

These team names are not usually official names, and some national teams have more than one nickname. I have tried to find the most commonly used nickname, and included others if known. If you have any corrections or additions, please let me know.

National Men's Cricket Team Nicknames

Team Nickname notes
Argentina Sunny Ones  

Baggy Greens

The Aussie team has no official team nickname, though the 'Baggy Greens' which refer to the hats they wear, is as close as they get. The team is also commonly called just the 'Aussies'. On the 1948 tour of England, the team was dubbed 'The Invincibles'. That would be a great team nickname today.
Bangladesh Bengal Tigers or just 'the Tigers'
Bermuda Gombey Warriors
Bhutan The Dragons
Botswana Baggy Blues
Canada Maple Leafers
Cyprus The cricket map  
Czechia Lions  
England   The England team has no official team nickname, though they are commonly called the 'poms' by rival teams.
Finland Bears
Ghana Black Batters
India Men in Blue, The Blues
Ireland Green and Whites or Men in Green also Leprechauns?
Israel Cricket Bible
Jersey Jer lions
Kenya Simbas
Maldives The Red Seas
Mexico Cricket Vultures
Namibia Eagles
Nepal The Gorkhas, The Rhinos
New Zealand The Black Caps also commonly referred to as the 'Kiwis'
Nigeria Yellow Greens  
Pakistan "Shaheens" which means "Falcons" also sometimes: Men in Green, The Gang Green, The Green Shirts, Green Army, Cornered Tigers
Papua New Guinea Barramundis
Peru The Llamas  
Philippines Carabaos  
South Africa The Proteas also The Saffas, The Saffaris
Sri Lanka The Lions also Islanders
Tanzania The Cows
Uganda Cricket Cranes
West Indies The Windies sometimes the 'Men in Maroon'
Zimbabwe The Chevrons

National Women's Cricket Team Nicknames

Team Nickname notes
Australia none The team was formerly also known as theĀ Southern Stars
Bangladesh Lady Tigers, Tigresses
Bhutan Lady Dragons  
Chile Las Loicas  
Germany Golden Eagles
India Women in Blue
Mexico Jaguars
Netherlands Lionesses
New Zealand White Ferns
Papua New Guinea Lewas  
Samoa Nafanua  
Scotland Wildcats  
South Africa The Proteas  
Sri Lanka    
West Indies Windies
Zimbabwe Lady Chevrons

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