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The Healthy Eating Food Pyramid

Aim for a well-balanced diet — and eat for health.

Healthy Eating Food Pyramid The dietary pyramid is good to follow as a guide to healthy eating.

The large base of the pyramid consists of breads, cereals, fruit and vegetables, and most of what you eat should come from these food groups.

The next, smaller layer of the pyramid consists of moderate amounts of foods like meat, chicken, fish and dairy products.

The small top of the pyramid consists of limited amounts of the 'extra' foods such as fats, refined sugar foods and alcohol. When you get this ratio of food groups right, your body will be getting the right amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals from what you eat.

Your health should be a priority, and using the food pyramid as an eating plan guide, you're on the right track.

How much of each level?

It depends on your specific situation, but as a general guide here are some suggested number of servings you should have per day for each of the different groups on the food pyramid. The actual amounts will depend on your daily activity and special needs and goals.

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