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All Results for Germany 2006

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Teams are allocated into eight groups of four teams, a total of 32 countries (see the Group list). In the first round, each team plays three matches, one against each of the other teams in their group. For a win 3 points are awarded, 1 point for a draw and no points for a loss. The top two teams in each group go through to the next round (see schedule).

Date Group Game Winner Score
Friday 9 June A Germany v Costa Rica Germany 4-2
  A Poland v Ecuador Ecuador 2-0
Saturday 10 June B England v Paraguay England 1-0
  B Trinidad & Tobago v Sweden draw 0-0
  C Argentina v Ivory Coast Argentina 2-1
Sunday 11 June C Serbia & Montenegro v Holland Holland 1-0
  D Mexico v Iran Mexico 3-1
  D Angola v Portugal Portugal 1-0
Monday 12 June F Australia v Japan Australia 3-1
  E USA v Czechia Czechia 3-0
  E Italy v Ghana Italy 2-0
Tuesday 13 June G South Korea v Togo South Korea 2-1
  G France v Switzerland draw 0-0
  F Brazil v Croatia Brazil 1-0
Wednesday 14 June H Spain v Ukraine Spain 4-0
  H Tunisia v Saudi Arabia draw 2-2
  A Germany v Poland Germany 1-0
Thursday 15 June A Ecuador v Costa Rica Ecuador 3-0
  B England v Trinidad & Tobago England 2-0
  B Sweden v Paraguay Sweden 1-0
Friday 16 June C Argentina v Serbia & Montenegro Argentina 6-0
  C Holland v Ivory Coast Holland 2-1
  D Mexico v Angola draw 0-0
Saturday 17 June D Portugal v Iran Portugal 2-0
  E Czechia v Ghana Ghana 2-0
  E Italy v USA draw 1-1
Sunday 18 June F Japan v Croatia draw 0-0
  F Brazil v Australia Brazil 2-0
  G France v South Korea draw 1-1
Monday 19 June G Togo v Switzerland Switzerland 2-0
  H Saudi Arabia v Ukraine Ukraine 4-0
  H Spain v Tunisia Spain 3-1
Tuesday 20 June A Ecuador v Germany Germany 3-0
  A Costa Rica v Poland Poland 2-0
  B Sweden v England draw 2-2
  B Paraguay v Trinidad & Tobago Paraguay 2-0
Wednesday 21 June D Portugal v Mexico Portugal 2-1
  D Iran v Angola draw 1-1
  C Holland v Argentina draw 0-0
  C Ivory Coast v Serbia & Montenegro Ivory Coast 3-2
Thursday 22 June E Czechia v Italy Italy 2-0
  E Ghana v USA Ghana 2-1
  F Japan v Brazil Brazil 4-1
  F Croatia v Australia draw 2-2
Friday 23 June H Saudi Arabia v Spain Spain 1-0
  H Ukraine v Tunisia Ukraine 1-0
  G Togo v France France 2-0
  G Switzerland v South Korea Switzerland 2-0
Saturday 24 June Game 1: Germany (Winner Gp A) v Sweden (Runner-up Gp B) Germany 2-0
  Game 2: Argentina (Winner Gp C) v Mexico (Runner-up Gp D) Argentina 2-1
Sunday 25 June Game 3: England (Winner Gp B) v Ecuador (Runner-up Gp A) England 1-0
  Game 4: Portugal (Winner Gp D) v Holland (Runner-up Gp C) Portugal 1-0
Monday 26 June Game 5: Italy (Winner Gp E) v Australia (Runner-up Gp F) Italy 1-0
  Game 6: Switzerland (Winner Gp G) v Ukraine (Runner-up Gp H) Ukraine 0-0 full-time,
3-0 penalties
Tuesday 27 June Game 7: Brazil (Winner Gp F) v Ghana (Runner-up Gp E) Brazil 3-0
  Game 8: Spain (Winner Gp H) v France (Runner-up Gp G) France 3-1
Friday 30 June ¼ Final 1: Germany (Winner Game 1) v Argentina (Winner Game 2) Germany 1-1, then 4-2 on penalties
  ¼ Final 2: Italy (Winner Game 5) v Ukraine (Winner Game 6) Italy 3-0
Saturday 1 July ¼ Final 3: England (Winner Game 3) v Portugal (Winner Game 4) Portugal 0-0, then 3-1 in penalties
  ¼ Final 4: Brazil (Winner Game 7) v France (Winner Game 8) France 1-0
Tuesday 4 July Semi-Final 1: Germany (Winner ¼-Final 1) v Italy (Winner ¼-Final 2) Italy 2-0
Wednesday 5 July Semi-Final 2: Portugal (Winner ¼-Final 3) v France (Winner ¼-Final 4) France 1-0
Saturday 8 July Third/ Fourth place play-off: Germany (Loser Semi-Final 1) v Portugal (Loser Semi-Final 2) Germany 3-1
Sunday 9 July Final: Italy (Winner Semi-Final 1) v France (Winner Semi-Final 2) Italy 1-1, then 5-3 on penalties

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