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Brazil 2014 - Team Nicknames

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Here is an alphabetical list of the 32 countries who have qualified for the 2014 World Cup, and their common nicknames.

Some countries are known by more than one nickname, I have tried to find the most commonly used name. See also the larger list of national football team nicknames for all known team nicknames and more discussion about each one.

Nation Nickname Notes
Algeria the Desert Foxes Les Fennecs in French
Argentina the White and Sky Blues la Albiceleste in Spanish
Australia The Socceroos a hybrid word from Soccer and Kangaroo (a native animal to Australia)
Belgium The Red Devils les Diables Rouges / Rode Duivels in French / Flemish
Bosnia and Herzegovina The Dragons Zmajevi's in Bosnian
Brazil Little Canaries Canarinho in Portuguese
Cameroon Indomitable Lions Lions indomitables in French
Chile The Reds La Roja in Spanish
Colombia the Coffee Makers Los Cafeteros in Spanish
Costa Rica Los Ticos Spanish slang for natives of Costa Rica.
Croatia Fiery boys Vatreni
Ecuador the Tricolor la Tri or la Tricolor in Spanish
England the Three Lions  
France the Blues les Bleus in French
Germany The Team Die Mannschaft in German
Ghana the Black Stars  
Greece The Pirate Ship To Peiratiko in Greek
Honduras Los Catrachos Catracho is Spanish slang for a citizen of Honduras, therefore meaning 'the Hondurans'.
Iran Team Melli meaning the National Team (in Persian).
Italy Azzurri meaning "light blues" or "azure".
Ivory Coast The Elephants 'Les Elephants' in French
Japan Samurai Blues  
Mexico The Tricolors el Tri / el Tricolor / Tricolores
Netherlands The Orange 'Oranje' in Dutch
Nigeria the Super Eagles  
Portugal National Team of the Shields 'Selecção das Quinas' in Portuguese. The word "Quinas" is a 5 sided Polyhedron, representing the "Forts" (Castles) Conquered from the Moors, in the "Foundation" of Portugal in 1143.
Russia Team 'Sbornaya' in Russian
South Korea Taeguk Warriors  
Spain The Red Fury 'La Furia Roja' in Spanish
Switzerland The Nats 'Schweizer Nati', or just Nati in Swiss
United States The Stars and Stripes  
Uruguay Charrúas Charrúas is the name of the indigenous people from Uruguay

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