Olympic Cricket

The sport of cricket is very popular in many parts of the world, though it has only made one appearance at the Olympic Games, in Paris 1900. There is evidence that cricket may have also been played as a demonstration sport in 1896.

The cricket match in 1900 was only a single twelve-a-side game, with a team from England beating a French team (which ironically was made up mostly of Englishmen: British Embassy staff who secured a few days off from the office!).

The lack of competing nations and the one-sided affair did not bode well for further inclusion in the Olympic Games, and it has not been seen on the Olympic program again

Other Olympic cricket trivia is that on June 29 1948, the day the London Olympic Games began at Wembley Stadium in London, the famed Australian 'Invincibles' cricket side was finishing off England in a test at nearby Lord's, winning by 409 runs.

1900 olympic cricket poster1900 Results

It was a very one-sided match. Great Britain (Devon & Somerset Wanderers CC) beat France (L'equipe francaise, British Embassy, Paris) by 117 & 145 for 5 declared against 78 & 26 in a twelve-a-side match.



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