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Olympic Games Time Zones

Listed here are all the modern Summer Olympic Games host cities and the dates and local time zone for when they were held. We have also have a list of the latitude of each Olympic Games host city. See the full list of host cities.

List of Host Cities and Local Time #

Year Host City, Country opening closing Timezone Offset (GMT)
1896 Athens 6-Apr 15-Apr AMT +1:34:52
1900 Paris 14-May 28-Oct PMT +0:09:21
1904 Saint Louis 1-Jul 23-Nov CST -6
1908 London 27-Apr 31-Oct GMT 0
1912 Stockholm 6-Jul 22-Jul CET 1
1920 Antwerp 20-Apr 12-Sep WEST 1
1924 Paris 4-May 27-Jul WEST 1
1928 Amsterdam 28-Jul 12-Aug NST +1:19:32
1932 Los Angeles 30-Jul 14-Aug PST -8
1936 Berlin 1-Aug 16-Aug CET 1
1948 London 29-Jul 14-Aug BST 1
1952 Helsinki 19-Jul 3-Aug EET 2
1956 Melbourne 22-Nov 8-Dec AEST 10
1960 Rome 25-Aug 11-Sep CET 1
1964 Tokyo 10-Oct 24-Oct JST 9
1968 Mexico City 12-Oct 27-Oct CST -6
1972 Munich 26-Aug 10-Sep CET 1
1976 Montreal 17-Jul 1-Aug EDT -4
1980 Moscow 19-Jul 3-Aug MSK 3
1984 Los Angeles 28-Jul 12-Aug PDT -7
1988 Seoul 17-Sep 2-Oct KDT 10
1992 Barcelona 25-Jul 9-Aug CEST 2
1996 Atlanta 19-Jul 4-Aug EDT -4
2000 Sydney 15-Sep 1-Oct AEDT 11
2004 Athens 13-Aug 29-Aug EEST 3
2008 Beijing 8-Aug 24-Aug CNST 8
2012 London 27-Jul 12-Aug BST 1
2016 Rio de Janeiro 5-Aug 21-Aug BRT -3
2020 Tokyo 24-Jul 9-Aug JST 9
2024 Paris 26-Jul 11-Aug WEST 1
2028 Los Angeles 14-Jul 30-Jul PDT -7
2032 Brisbane     AEST +10

Time Zone Abbreviations

AEDT Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time
AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time
AMT Athens Mean Time
BRT Brasilia Time
BST British Summer Time
CEST Central European Summer Time
CET Central European Time
CNST China Standard Time
CST (North American) Central Standard Time
EDT (North American) Eastern Daylight Saving Time
EEST Eastern European Summer Time
EET Eastern European Time
EST (North American) Eastern Standard Time
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
JST Japan Standard Time
KDT Korea Daylight Saving Time
KST Korea Standard Time
MSK Moscow Standard Time
MST Mountain Standard Time
NST Netherlands Summer Time
PDT Pacific Daylight Saving Time
PMT Paris Mean Time
PST Pacific Standard Time
WEST Western European Summer Time
WET Western European Time

# data provided by Hank Wisniewski of Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

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