Pakistan at the Olympics

Pakistan made their Olympic debut in London 1948. But they will have to wait until the 1956 Summer Games before they can have a taste of their first Olympic medal. That year, the men's field hockey team took the silver medal in Melbourne, Australia.

Their first gold medal however will be in the next Summer Olympics when their men's hockey team when they defeated Australia (3-0). Wrestler Mohammad Bashir also won the bronze that year for the welterweight division. In 1980, Pakistan opted to boycott the Summer Games as an act of support to the US.

When they came back in 1984, their men's field hockey team won the gold medal for the third time after defeating West Germany (2-1) after the extra mile. Pakistan is well-known for their field hockey team who has brought them many Olympic medals but their recent performance has been less than impressive though.

In 2010, Pakistan made their debut in the Winter Games after alpine skier Muhammad Abbas was finally able to qualify to compete in the men's giant slalom event and ranked 79th. In 2014, he was replaced by Muhammad Karim who performed a bit better and finished 71st overall.

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